Yoga moves for runners

Yoga moves for runners

You might be surprised by this title. Running and yoga seem to be very different forms of exercise, so how are they connected? 

They work together more than you think, so read on for the 1-2-3 of yoga for runners!


While the two disciplines seem very different, the improved flexibility, core strength and breath control from yoga are just what runners need. The aerobic fitness and muscle building gained from running also helps yoga.

Yoga is well known for reducing stress, but it also helps to stretch and ease muscles in a controlled fashion. With no bouncing or weights, yoga is a gentle but effective alternative for over-trained runners. Working through a yoga routine after your run provides an ideal set of stretches. This really helps to reduce post-run soreness.

A yoga session on ‘no-run days’ is excellent for assisting your running performance. Whether it is a scheduled training break or simply a day when the weather doesn’t tempt you out, yoga makes a great alternative.


The recommended poses include:

Downward Dog: to lengthen and strengthen hamstrings and lower legs

Upward Facing Dog: to improve upper body strength and flexibility, often a weak area for runners.

Triangle pose:  for balance and muscle control.

Seated poses: to complete your routine and release tight back muscles.

Check out this slideshow of ten top poses and a dedicated yoga routine for runners.


Definitely – instruction will help you to get your poses right and work out a routine. The instructor can also give guidance with correct breathing, and adapt poses for any health issues that you may have.

There are many different types of yoga classes available, so the choice can be a little bewildering. Ask at your gym, or try the beginner’s guide to yoga classes to help you to choose the best yoga class for you.

Go on, help your running by booking a yoga class. You’ll be surprised at what it does.

The Author

Jessica Ambrose

Jessica is a fitness writer who loves long distance running, yoga, strength training and healthy eating.


Matthew C.
29 March 2015

Matthew C.

How about a yoga sequence before your run? I do the sun salutation sometimes in the morning, followed by a run after.

DeletedFname1007583 D.
25 March 2015

DeletedFname1007583 D.

I heard that yoga was a great complimentary exercise for running - I suppose it keeps you flexible.

Phillip H.
21 March 2015

Phillip H.

this is interesting - never realised that two apparently such different things could be linked but it does work!

Tanya M.
20 March 2015

Tanya M.

I love my twice weekly yoga class, running is still new to me but I'm hoping, like the article says, that they do work well together.

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