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NY Pilates Studio London

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43-47 Lonsdale Rd, London, NW6 6RA Get Directions


NY Pilates Studio, known as the Centre of Excellence for Authentic Classical Pilates in London, was the first studio to teach authentic, Classical Pilates in London, developed by Joseph Pilates during the middle part of the last century, in New York. That's why the studio is named New York Pilates.

Pilates is a series of workouts for stretching and strengthening leg, arm, back and stomach muscles. One of its main benefits is to develop your core muscles, found in your abdominal, back and pelvic areas. This improves co-ordination, posture and balance which gives you a lean athletic look.

At the studio they use only the genuine Gratz equipment, built to the specifications recommended by Joseph Pilates himself. Working with the equipment provides extra resistance which builds strength and stamina quicker than mat work alone. Once you've done a few months of mat classes it is recommend that you try an equipment class. They are also ideal for anyone recovering from injury.
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